International Insurance Consulting Services

Your clients are international, how international are you?

Gambonini Consulting delivers effective international insurance programme management.


We help your business to:


Design efficient international insurance training courses for your staff with the necessary structure, processes, procedures and skillsets.


Teach you how to build your own global network and establish the critical individual international relationships.


Provide global project management services for multinational requests, proposals and the ensuing insurance programmes, working at the direction of the controlling broker.


Enable you to realise international business development opportunities, and have the confidence to handle them.

Training is provided in person or using GoToMeetings, tailored to your needs.


International insurance is a major growth area and value centre for the insurance industry.

Would it be valuable for your insurance team to have "Best Practice International Insurance Knowledge and Training" to understand why and how to:

Structure and provide your insureds with well-placed and legally compliant international insurance programmes, in each country they are located.

Meet your insured’s expectation that you are both their “domestic insurance broker” and their “international insurance controlling broker”.

Develop and manage "local country" insurance broker relationships with brokers who want to work with you, on your behalf and at your direction, for your insured.

Prevent and avoid potential errors and omission claims with the critical tools: knowledge, established procedures and local country insurance broker relationships.

Insurance Brokers

International Insurance Consulting Services for Insurance Brokers

Gambonini Consulting provides insurance brokers with the following capabilities:

We teach insurance brokers how to handle their insured's international business from inside their own firm.

International Property and Casualty and Employee Benefits training courses delivered in-person or using ‘GoToMeeting’.

International business development and client origination services - advising brokers how to discover and act upon their opportunities.

Global retail insurance broker connections - Introducing and showing brokers how to build their own global network relationships.

Insurance Buyers

Gambonini Consulting positions Risk Managers and Insurance Buyers with Domestic and International Insurance knowledge to better enable them to build and purchase their firm’s international insurance programme.

Insurance Buyers will leave our 6-hour course (delivered in-person or using GoToMeeting) with a clear and detailed understanding of how to procure and secure their firm's international insurance programme:

How legally compliant International Property and Casualty and Employee Benefits insurance programmes are structured, in each country their firm is in.

How their "domestic controlling insurance broker" directs, manages and controls the "international local country insurance brokers".

What they and their local country subsidiaries should expect of their insurance brokers and carriers.

How claims will work outside of the global insurance buyer's country.

How insurance brokers are paid.

Case studies - bad things sometimes happen to good people.

Course Curriculum

International Insurance Business Development Course for Property Casualty and Employee Benefits




Global Property & Casualty Consultant for WBN

Consultant, AESIS Network

Director of Europe, Middle East & Africa in London for Assurex Global

Director of Commercial and International Operations for 24 years with one of the top 20 brokers in the US - Barney & Barney.

I work with brokers around the world and have developed an extensive global network of broker contacts.


To enable insurance brokers to pursue and manage international insurance programmes effectively.

To position insurance buyers to be knowledgeable and confident when they need to evaluate and purchase international insurance programmes for their insureds and prospects.


Deliver customised international solutions to your firm, backed by extensive international knowledge, skills and global broker relationships in the format that works best for your firm.


Gambonini Consulting Ltd.